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Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases and Pneumophysiology
Dr.Victor Babeș Timișoara

Bronchial Endoscopy Department

It was established in 1963 to serve the Thoracic Surgery and Pulmonology departments of the hospital. By 1991, the department was coordinated by Dr. Vasile Luta. During this period, only rigid bronchoscopes were performed, as well as semi-invasive investigations such as bronchography. Subsequently, the department was modernized and equipped with Olympus fibrobronchoscopes, two Olympus videobronchoscopy lines (Exera I and Exera II), a Storz rigid bronchoscopy kit, an ERBE electrocautery kit and 2 flexible video bronchoscope kits for difficult intubations.

The department served mainly the western region of the country, as a single unit of profile, and a total of 46,000 bronchoscopes were performed at its level. The services are performed for patients hospitalized in the hospital wards and for outpatients in a day hospitalization system, approximately 700 bronchoscopes / month.

We mention that all the doctors in our team have competence in bronchial endoscopy.