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Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases and Pneumophysiology
Dr.Victor Babeș Timișoara

Infectious Diseases Clinic II

In 1973, on 1st Sepember, the Infectious Diseases Clinic II was established, which was successively coordinated by Prof.Dr.Iulian Vasilescu (1973-1979), Chief of Works Dr.Rudolf Popian (1979-1984), Chief of Works Dr.Ioana Crisan (1984-1986), Assoc.Prof.Dr.Emil Novac (1986-1992), Prof.Dr.Doina Stanescu (1992-2008) and Assoc.Prof.Dr.Alexandru Crisan from 2008 to the present.

Within the Infectious Diseases Clinic II, the didactic activity is carried out with the students from the 6th year of General Medicine, the 6th year of General Medicine English language, the 4th year of Dentistry, the third year of General Nursing, the third year of Midwives and the 5th year of Immunopathology. Residents in the specialty of infectious diseases, pediatrics, neonatology, family medicine, nephrology, epidemiology are also trained here.

The Infectious Diseases Clinic II is part of the SCBIPVB structure, which is a clinical hospital with a unique profile of infectious diseases and pulmonology in the western region of the country. Clinic II Infectious Diseases serves a large area - Timis, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara, Arad counties. The mission of the department is to identify and solve the needs of patients in the curative and prophylactic field of acute and chronic infectious diseases, by providing quality medical services, based on competence and scientific probity.

In this clinic are assisted in continuous hospitalization the current cases of infectious diseases that require mandatory isolation in the hospital, those who do not have conditions of isolation at home, severe forms of the disease adults and especially children. Day hospitalizations, abdominal ultrasounds and fibroscans are performed. At the same time, patients with severe and complicated forms of acute hepatitis, meningoencephalitis, botulism, sepsis, tuberculosis infection (meningoencephalitis), etc. are hospitalized here from the rounded counties.