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Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases and Pneumophysiology
Dr.Victor Babeș Timișoara

Medical Analysis Laboratory

The mission of the Laboratory is to provide precisely, correct laboratory analyzes, constantly concerned with the continuous improvement of the techniques used, which will add value to the medical act, for all hospitalized patients as well as for those who address in an outpatient system.

The polite, encouraging attitude of all the staff you come in contact with, the competent advice of the doctors who are at your disposal both before and after performing the tests, we hope to contribute to creating an atmosphere of trust in the quality of our services.

The laboratory performs on an outpatient basis and on request (for a fee) a wide range of medical tests at high-quality standards, with the help of a team of specialists (primary doctors and laboratory specialists, biologists, chemists, laboratory nurses) with experience and professionalism, who know and apply the latest testing methods and use high-performance analysis equipment.

The medical analysis laboratory participates in External Quality Control programs:

  • RoEQALM - Romania;
  • LABQUALITY - Finland;
  • HEMATROM - Romania