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Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases and Pneumophysiology
Dr.Victor Babeș Timișoara

Infectious Diseases Clinic I

The Infectious Diseases Clinic I is part of the structure of the Victor Babes Infectious Diseases and Pulmonology Hospital since its inception. In this clinic are investigated and treated patients, exclusively adults, being affected by various infectious-contagious and parasitic diseases in the territory of Timis county, but also in the counties of Arad, Hunedoara and Caras-Severin.

The section includes 60 beds plus 4 additional beds for HIV / AIDS. This compartment is intended for cases of HIV / AIDS infection. All patients with HIV/AIDS benefit from antiretroviral therapy through a national program, being monitored clinically and therapeutically and evaluated biologically and paraclinically periodically according to the established protocol.

University Clinic

Being a University Clinic, in parallel with the medical assistance of the hospitalized patients, the didactic activity of training students studying infectious pathology and training of future specialists in infectious diseases is carried out. Thus, resident doctors from various specialties carry out the training and specialization internship in infectious diseases under the careful guidance of teachers who carry out their activity in the clinic.

Moreover, every year all doctors participate in numerous symposiums, national conferences and specialized international congresses with various medical scientific papers performed from the case of hospitalized patients and monitored at the clinic. The teachers with the specialist doctors are involved in the coordination of some specialized postgraduate courses within the continuous medical improvement and in the elaboration of some monographs or guides regarding the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

Over the years, this Clinic has been run by prestigious specialists, experienced and dedicated teachers who have contributed to the formation of many generations of students and specialists: Prof.Dr.Busila Theodor, Academician Prof.Dr.Dragomirescu Mihai, Prof.Dr.Negrutiu Lucian. Currently, the activity of the clinic is coordinated by Asist.Univ.Dr.Ovidiu Irinel Roșca, who continues the activity of medical assistance, together with the didactic activity and of scientific research in the field of infectious pathology at the current standards and requirements.