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Psycho-Social Assistance Service

The creation of the psycho-social assistance service in our hospital was possible as a result of the partnership between the "Romanian Angel Appeal" Humanitarian Foundation (RAA), the Ministry of Health, the Timis County Public Health Directorate (DSPJ) and the Infectious Diseases and Pulmonology Hospital. "Dr. Victor Babes" - Timisoara, respectively the Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children "Louis Turcanu", with financing from the Global Fund to Fight HIV / AIDS, TB and Malaria.


Thus, in September 2004, the "Floarea Soarelui" Day Section was established as part of the "Extension of the Network of Day Sections" project in Timis County, with the aim of:

  • providing multidisciplinary services to people infected with HIV / AIDS (medical assistance, social and psychological assistance)
  • increasing the number of people affected by HIV / AIDS who benefit from quality medical and psycho-social care
  • increasing professional skills among professionals working in the field of HIV / AIDS patient care, by providing access to professional training courses (e-learning and residential).

To ensure the continuity of the psycho-social assistance activities within the Infectious Diseases and Pulmonology Hospital "Dr. Victor Babes" -Timisoara, the psycho-social staff was taken over by our hospital, from March 2006, by supplementing the number of positions per hospital with 1 position of a social worker and 1 position of a psychologist (categories of staff not existing until that date in the structure of our health unit).

Description of the Psycho-Social Assistance Service

Currently, the psycho-social assistance service offers specialized services to various categories of patients, especially HIV-positive patients and their families, serving a practically extended area in the western part of Romania - Timis, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara, Arad counties.

Also, depending on the requests, the psycho-social assistance services are accessible to patients with social cases or with pathologies other than HIV / AIDS.

A number of 1277 patients with various pathologies, of which 971 active cases of HIV-positive adults, periodically benefited during 2015 from psycho-social counseling services, materialized by a total number of 3894 counselors performed by the psychologist and the social worker from the two existing offices within the Infectious Diseases Outpatient Clinic in our hospital.