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Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases and Pneumophysiology
Dr.Victor Babeș Timișoara

Prevention Nosocomial Infections Department - CPCIN

The CPCIN department within SCBIPVB consists of 0.5 norm of epidemiologist and 1 norm of hygiene assistant. CPCIN elaborates the guide for the prevention / control of nosocomial infections, the annual plan for the surveillance / control of nosocomial infections, nosocomial risk map, "the history of nosocomial infections in the unit, the guide for antibiotic prophylaxis".

Within the department, epidemiological control activities are carried out, which consist in checking: cleaning, disinfection, sterilization on sections / compartments, microbial load on surfaces, sterile sanitary materials, aeromicroflora, hands of medical and auxiliary personnel with the help of laboratory, handling clean and dirty linen, of the cleaning / decontamination materials and their storage spaces, the way of collecting the infectious waste from the hospital sections / compartments, the observance of the cleaning and decontamination norms in the food block, offices, baby bottles, laundry, the correct isolation of the patients on pathologies and application of decontamination measures in case of identified nosocomial infections.

The training activities of the medical and auxiliary staff of the hospital are carried out every six months, according to the annual training plan.